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Tony Ruiz 

Internationalization and Marketing

Being born into a family of coffee growers and producers and having studied abroad for many years, Tony oversees K&R's marketing operations and visits to clients overseas.  

About Our Team

The key to creating a remarkable coffee experience is our drive to provide and deliver results. We have a passion to fulfill our client's needs and results; we want our clients to be successful as much as we want to be...

​We enjoy what we do and we work hard. But more importantly, we laugh a lot...

It feels different to work with us. 

Our People

Plinio Ruiz 


Our CEO, a Panamanian who was born and raised in Boquete.  A farmer by trade, and heritage has been in the coffee industry most of his life. His passion for top-quality coffee has helped him becomes established and well known in the Panamanian coffee industry. When it comes to coffee, his vision and passion for learning about coffees has  helped him in promoting Panamanian coffees nationally as well as internationally.

Daisy de Ruiz

Co-Founder and CFO

Having lived most of her life in the Boquete area, Daisy has the experience and the contacts in the Panamanian coffee scene that gives her access to the area's signature coffees. 

The Team...

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